Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Vintage Toys Never Get Old

I love Fisher Price vintage toys and have been collecting for a couple of years now.
This was my collection a year ago.
Many of the toys are ones that we had when our children were small.
 I love that my grand children are now using the same toys that their parents used.
 Like the Roly Poly apple that encourages reaching.
Or the crib activity centre.
Or the bus she learned to manoeuvre around obstacles.

 A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went to a vintage toy fair
 and found the Fisher Price Brown Tudor house.
Plus lots of accessories.
Opa is always excited when she shows an interest in trains.

There is still so much to share.
I look forward to bringing new 'old' toys to their homes for them to play with.
Do any of these toys bring back memories for you.

Monday, May 14, 2018

May's Treasure Basket - Bugs

The weather is warmer and we are seeing life happening around us.
On our daily walks we spot a variety of bugs, all new to this little one.
Perfect time to put together a basket of items about bugs.
I included a bug house, magnifying glass and a net.
And of course bugs!
I was excited to show her the worm in the basket and we pulled out the Grumpy Bird book.
A worm is what Bird offered his friends for snack
and we hadn't seen a live one yet.
Her favourite item in the basket are these little bug holders.
She loves opening and closing them.
Especially after she puts a bug inside.
We found this great book called "big bug" that is all about big and little.
 It is about perspective.
The book starts with a big bug but on the second page it becomes a little bug on a big leaf.  Then the next page is a big flower and a little leaf.
This continues till they reach the big sky then it reverses back
to the little bug.
Later we went outside to catch some bugs.
We managed to capture these teeny tiny bugs in her net.
When mom and dad got home we shared the basket and showed them how we caught the bugs.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Tapioca as a Sensory Experience

Our first outdoor sensory bin was made from tapioca and water.
Tapioca is a starch that is used to make puddings.
When mixed with water it makes a fine, smooth, gel like material.
So I thought it would be a great product to use for a little one who is still interested in tasting what she is playing with.
She was tentative at first, not knowing what it was.
 But began to explore and enjoy the wet slippery feel.
Frog hopped out and started hopping away.
We went over to the grass and found some natural materials, like clover and sticks, to entice frog back into the bin.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Playing with the Twins

 Our youngest daughter gave birth to twins in December and it has been wonderful to watch them grow.
 They borrowed some of the ideas that was used for our older grand daughter.
Like this PVC pipe stand to hang rattles, and such, to attract their attention, or accidentally hit and make noise.
We started reading books to them early too.
A mirror was set up for tummy time so they could look at themselves and each other.
And of course we sang lots of songs to them.
 And lately I introduced play trays.
Simple cookie sheets placed in front of them to hold items that may be easily grabbed.
At first they just looked at the items,
but as they developed more movement in their arms they brushed against the items and watched them move.
Items were added, like the tin foil plate, to add more sound when it was hit or moved.
As they continue to grow their coordination improves and they begin to grab some of the items.